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Colloidal Silver Colloids & Silver Solutions

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Colloidal silver is a generic term for supplements which contain bioactive silver. Silver colloids are comprised of tiny particles (with a negative zeta potential 'charge') held in a suspension of water. Silver solutions are primarily comprised of silver ions (positively charged) dissolved in a distilled water base.

Many products on the market are a combination of colloidal particles and silver ions. Bioactive silver is a proven germ killer. It has strong infection fighting, antiseptic properties. It is strongly antibacterial and antimicrobial.

This website provides reviews on the most popular electrically isolated silver products and the most unique products; we do not include products such as silver salts, silver citrates, silver proteins or other highly concentrated (high parts-per-million). The technical term for products which are reviewed on this website is Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS). Visitors should feel free to post their own reviews in the comment section!

Natural Immunogenics Corporation
Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver


  • Argentyn 23
  • Sovereign Silver
  • 10 - 23 PPM
  • $3.60 per ounce
    (varies by type and distributor)

Natural Immunogenics Corporation was founded by Stephen Quinto on April 1st, 1998. Utilizing a state of the art silver hydrosol production facility, Natural Immunogenics produces two of the best colloidal silver hydrosol products on the market. Although competitors often claim superiority, time kill studies prove that Natural Immungenics Silver kills pathogens far more quickly than any competiting product at any concentration - at least in a laboratory setting. Argentyn 23 is the #1 medical doctor recommended and doctor used medicinal silver product in the United States. With a history dedicated to the highest levels of excellence, Natural Immunogenics lands the number one spot on our top products list.

Argentyn 23 & Sovereign Silver Hydrosol Review

American Biotech Laboratories
American Biotech Laboratories


  • ASAP Colloidal Silver
  • Products such as "Silver Sol"
  • Products such as "Silver Biotics"
  • 10 - 30 PPM
  • $1.56 ounce
    (varies by PPM and distributor)
American Biotech Laboratories produces products such as ASAP; it is one of the only bioactive silver products with an actual patent. While ASAP doesn't perform as well as Argentyn 23 in time kill studies, the product is actually comprised of very unique silver oxide particles which may have numerous benefits not demonstrated by time kill studies. American Biotech Laboratories has done a wide range of impressive analytical and medical studies on their range of products, landing them #2 on our list of top products.
Purest Colloids
Purest Colloids


  • Mesosilver
  • 20 PPM
  • Manufacturer price:
    $2.36 - $2.95 per ounce

Purest Colloids produces a very popular silver colloid marketed under the name Mesosilver. Mesosilver performs quite poorly in direct time kill studies. However, due to the fact that mesosilver is predominantly made up of minute silver particles (with only a small percentage of silver ions), it may work differently in the body than the more bioactive silver solutions. Due to the unique particle characteristics of Mesosilver, Purest Colloids lands the #3 spot on our top products list.



  • 85% ionic
  • 15% particulate
  • 10 PPM
  • Manufacturer price:
    $1.86 per ounce
  • Sold in 16 ounce glass bottles

Tecopia Essentia colloidal silver is a unique silver hydrosol which is carefully batch produced via low voltage DC, current controlled electrolysis. The minute colloidal silver particles ( sized between .0006 - .005 microns) are then atomized further using activated oxygen. After aging the hydrosol to verify stability, the colloidal silver is processed using a propiertary stabilization method using plasma-generated electromagetic fields. This unique formulation was specifically created for use with complex smectite clay magma colloids, but works as an excellent universal silver hydrsol supplement.

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