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Argentyn 23 & Sovereign Silver Hydrosols

Natural Immunogenics


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Retail Product Review

Natural Immunogenics Corporation was founded by Stephen Quinto on April 1st, 1998. Utilizing a state of the art silver hydrosol production facility, Natural Immunogenics produces two of the best colloidal silver hydrosol products on the market. Although competitors often claim superiority, time kill studies prove that Natural Immungenics Silver kills pathogens far more quickly than any competiting product at any concentration - at least in a laboratory setting. Argentyn 23 is the #1 medical doctor recommended and doctor used medicinal silver product in the United States. With a history dedicated to the highest levels of excellence, Natural Immunogenics lands the number one spot on our top products list.

While there is some merit to the idea that more reactive silver products may not remain bioavailable for as long as products with more stabalized crystal formations, this contention has not been conclusively demonstrated.

It has, however, been conclusively demonstrated that the "killing power" of Natural Immungenics products is far superior to its competitors; it's antimicrobial/antibacterial action is unprecidented. This fact has profound clinical significance.

Natural Immunogenics products are undoubtedly superior for any direct contact application, including:

  • Skin Conditions
  • Ear Infections
  • Lung Conditions (via inhalation/nebulizing)
  • Throat Conditions
  • as a Topical Disinfectant

Furthemore, while competitors tout superiority using a wide variety of marketing methods, you won't find any other product hanging from an IV bag in medical clinics in the United States other than Argentyn 23.

Natural Immunogenics Silver Hydrosols
Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver


  • Argentyn 23
  • Sovereign Silver
  • 10 - 23 PPM
  • $3.60 per ounce
    (varies by type and distributor)

What makes Natural Immunogenics so special? To start with, Stephen Quinto, founder of Natural Immunogenics, spent about $750,000.00 to create their first state of the art laboratory grade colloidal silver generator. Their quality control and dedication to excellence is unparalleled.

The result? A product with picoscalar sized particles that is almost without agglomeration. The particle dispersion , particle uniformity, and product stability is unmatched. And while competitors try to dissuade the uneducated by attacking their testing methods (particularly TEM), all top universities and testing agencies completely agree with the testing methods employed by Natural Immunogenics.

Natural Immunogenics Silver Hydrosol TEM
TEM of Natural Immunogenics Silver

Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between the particle sizing and dispersion patterns, as measured by TEM, and the direct killing power of any silver product tested; The two data sets match perfectly.

While Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver are more expensive than other products on the market, the value certainly justifies the cost. Furthermore, the integrity of the staff of Natural Immunogenics, including their truth in marketing and advertising, is also unmatched.


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